With LIGAN-PM, the Lille platform sequencing of next
generation will be able to sequence several entire human
genomes at a time, thus making possible a truly
personalized medicine approach

Thanks to the equipments of the LIGAN-PM platform,
dedicated to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
we are among the first in Europe to be able to
offer you all the sequencing formats available

Our services cover all the skills developed at UMR 8199:
extraction, genotyping, NGS sequencing
and bioinformatics and biostatistics analyses

Genomics platform of UMR8199

The LIGAN-PM genomics platform (Lille Integrated Genomics Network for Advanced Personnalized Medicine) aims to provide public and private research teams a complete set of tools and skills to simplify the study of genetics, genomics and transcriptomics. Our solutions […]

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We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the Novaseq 6000 on our Ligan-MP platform, first NovaSeq system installed in France.

Many applications are possible (WES, WGS, Targeted sequencing, Gene Expression profiling, Methylation sequencing …)

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