The LIGAN-Personalized Medicine platform is located in the EGID building on the Lille University Hospital site and is dedicated to next-generation sequencing and advanced genomics. Our services cover all the skills developed at UMR1283-8199: extraction, genotyping, NGS sequencing and bioinformatics and biostatistics analyses.

Detail of the project

The use of our high-throughput sequencers and our genotyping platform is dedicated to precision medicine. It is also open to all genetic and genomic applications whatever the organism. It includes several Illumina sequencers (iSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq, NovaSeq), various robots for the preparation of libraries, a platform dedicated to genotyping and other advanced genomic equipment (NanoString).

The platform is first of all dedicated to the development of protocols adapted to research in genetics of human diseases; the equipment allows us to undertake and develop more research projects on a national and international level by using the state of the art technologies related to next generation sequencing (NGS).

  • How? By optimizing the use of the high-throughput sequencing platform. This is for the purposes of etiological diagnosis of rare or frequent genetic diseases and personalized medicine.
  • For whom? LIGAN-PM is both a tool dedicated to science with high expertise in NGS in human genetics and also a service platform open to collaborations and services.
  • The means ? the team is composed of several groups:
    • A biobank group, for DNA and RNA extractions,
    • A DNA chip group for methylation and GWAS analysis,
    • A NGS group for the development and application of protocols,
    • An experienced bioinformatics group for data analysis after sequencing,
    • A group experienced in statistics, for the analysis of microarray data (GWAS, methylation) or transcriptomics (RNA-seq, NanoString technology),
    • A group for the management of computer resources and to maintain the data generated during the duration of the project, and beyond.
    • A group dedicated to customer relations in charge of managing services and collaborations,


The LIGAN-PM platform is now labeled GIS IBiSA and is part of the core group of France Génomique. 




Our missions :

LIGAN is a platform that gathers high quality technologies related to NGS. The platform is able to meet the needs for (medium/high/very high throughput) genotyping, sequencing, transcriptomic projects and analyses related to bioinformatics and biostatistics.

Our purpose is to offer to the academic scientific and medical communities, and to the private companies, a complete set of tools and skills in the genomic field.

We are able to respond to nearly all of the requests in this area, including robotized WES/WGS library preparation in order to do high throughput sequencing, transcriptomic projects via NanoString, methylation analyses and GWAS via IScan.

Furthermore, our expertise includes the computer analyses (bioinformatics/biostatistics) of all of the data generated by these technologies.

We are internationally renowned in the field of genomics of diabetes and obesity. Our expertise in GWAS and NGS is also renowned. We develop our own software programs.

We will guide you from project building to the analyses of generated data. Our tools and expertise allow us to tailor your projects and to offer you suitable technologies.

The technical staff ensures the proper functioning of the equipment and organizes the activity depending on the research projects, services and collaborations in the platform.





The actors involved in the LIGAN consortium agreement are :