Bioinformatics biostatistic analysis

Our expertise extends to bioinformatics and/or biostatistics analyses of your data. We developed several automated analysis pipelines, based on the best available algorithms. We have dozens of calculation servers in house in order to run our pipelines, together with sufficient storage space.

The amounts and quality of data produced by next generation sequencers evolve regularly. Our laboratory adapts continuously and proposes tools to answer your questions and get the best out of your data: mapping and variant discovery with exome and genome sequencing, annotation of discovered variants using public data (Ensembl, Encode, …), family and epigenetics studies such as transcriptome and methylome analyzes and protein-DNA interactions. We also provide various statistics assuring quality control of the produced data.

Bioinformatics group

The Bioinformatics group is composed of 4 bioinformaticians. They take care of :

  • Management and analysis of next-generation sequencing data from the lab, including whole exome and whole genome sequencing studies for type II diabetes and obesity
  • Starting a service for analysis of external next-generation sequencing data (WES, WGS, RNA-seq, miRNA-seq, Met-seq, ChIP-seq, Capture-C, Hi-C, Single-cell, CNV detection from Exome…)
  • Selection and validation, or development, followed by integration of software tools for the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of results
  • Creation and maintain of analysis pipelines with cutting edge methods (Nextflow, Slurm, Docker, …)
  • Integration of new next-generation sequencing platforms
  • Maintenance of an integrative database (GOOD) and databases for genetics results
  • Management and extension of clinical databases
  • Management of computing resources (servers, storage space, databases, software)
  • Update of computing power and storage space (GPU computing, …)
  • Computing and bioinformatics support for EGID (European Genomic Institute for Diabetes)

Main future development projects are :

  • The development of an online interface for genetic results disposal


Biostatistics group

The Biostatistics group is composed of 4 biostatisticians. They take care of :


  • Genome-wide-association studies:
    • cross-sectional and longitudinal,
    • case-control and family.
  • Detection of chromosomal events (mosaic and CNV).
  • Genes Prioritisation.
  • Analyses of transcriptomics, epigenetics et metabolomics.


Adapted from Canouil et al. (2018)